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Begin: Introduce the learner and/or tutor to library staff as a new borrower.

  1. Demonstrate browsing. Where are materials for fun and learning?
  • Magazines and Newspapers (especially pop culture, like People Magazine)
  • Videos and DVD’s (subtitles and closed-captioning help develop reading skills and vocabulary)
  • Audio books for enjoyment (adults may have problems reading, but not understanding)
  • Book/cassette sets to practice reading
  • Music
  • Oversize books
  • Literacy collection (reading, writing, GED, job skills)
  • Children’s section (Be sensitive. Some learners may not want to use this section. Others with children will enjoy it. ESOL students often are interested.)
  1. Feature your free access to technology. Where are the Public Computers for email and Internet?

  • How to ask for help
  • When computers are available and for how long
  • Computer skills classes offered by the library
  1. Reveal the skills of your helpful and knowledgeable staff
  • If a large library, show where to go to ask questions
  • Offer examples of the types of questions the staff can answer
  • Tax forms (in season)
  1. Point out your tutoring space. What are your policies for use?

End: Demonstrate how to borrow an item from the collection. Encourage the learner to borrow an item, but do not insist. Some learners may need to feel more comfortable in the library before they are willing to borrow materials.


Developed by The Southern Adirondack Library System and Literacy NENY
Supported by funds from the New York State Library's Adult Literacy Library Services grant program.
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